Summer Starts Early ?

Well it that seems that the recent long spells of sunny weather may have  given way to an early English summer as  the Sun continue’s to shine down, and we head towards the second Bank Holiday in May. Traditionally it used to be called Whitsun but I notice that most people refer to it as the late Spring Bank holiday lets hope the good weather continues and stays with us as we go about various relaxing activity’s.

Last weekend saw the marriage of Prince Harry to Megan Marcale what a lovely day thousands lined the route as the couple drove down the long Windsor Castle Drive in  fact they could have have chosen a better day. Im sure we all wish them well, did you celebrate and toast the Royal couple? I did hear of a street party in Coney Hall and a gathering on Hayes Common, anyway enjoy the weather while we can.

Most residents will have received the Spring Newsletter and hopefully had your £2.00 subscription / membership of the Association collect by our gallant Road Stewards.

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