Grass Cutting

Grass verges not been cut all year……… how many times have you heard this said at the hairdressers or the newsagents recently 

Local Issues surrounding the grass cutting of verges in and around West Wickham have been raised by several people recently and was discussed by the committee at their last meeting, promises were made tons we go undercover to investigate and reveal  interesting results   Bromley Council has a scheme in operation via a web site called FIX MY STREET which can be reached at fixservices

Environmental services Bromley’s aims

These pages outline the timescales in which we aim to investigate and respond to the reports made to us, as well as providing some supporting information as to how we deal with those issues.

Please select the relevant subject for further information about our policies and service aims .

How to use Fix My Street (FMS)

Remember the map marker provides an estimated location, but additional information in your report description can help us identify locations.  House numbers or lamp column numbers are very useful for our officers and contractors and will improve the speed and quality of our response.

Please note that we ask that separate and new occurrences of issues are logged to us as separate reports to avoid conflicting information or updates and ensure the information is passed promptly to our contractor.  Placing several different requests on the same report will create delays by involving multiple officers and contractors.

FixMyStreet’s online reporting is intended primarily for those issues regarding defects or cleanliness relating to our streets and parks.  For issues not immediately related to the street scene (such as those related to parking, traffic, road safety and domestic waste), we will refer the report onto the relevant departments and close the report in FMS.

Where additional comments relating to the original issue are posted we and our contractors look to respond where appropriate, however FixMyStreet is not intended as a question and answer exchange or for use as a forum.

We have taken the opportunity to reproduce an example of a  question submitted in June in fact

Query  Reported in the Street weeds category anonymously at 11:33, Thursday 21 June 2018

The grass verges have not been cut the whole year around all the red routes in the Bromley area for example all through West The grass verges have not been cut the whole year around all the red routes in the Bromley area for example all through West Wickham along glebe way all along the A21 in Farnborough all the way down to M25 The grass is now very tall in areas making it difficult to see oncoming traffic at times and makes the whole area a mess

  • Bromley’s ReplyWe have investigated this report and found it to be the responsibility of Transport for London (TfL). We have therefore referred the report to TfL. Future reports can be made directly to TfL via: roadworksThis was reported to TfL on 18-Jun-18 and they responded late yesterday to say they were getting it looked into by the operatives.
  • 2nd Query Apart from a few small sections, the grass verges all along the A21 from Farnborough to the M25 remain uncut. You say this is TfL’s responsibility, but this reflects very badly on Bromley Council as the verges are a complete mess. It is completely unacceptable for them to left in this state for so long. Would you please exert some pressure on TfL to get this dealt with urgently, i.e. in the next week. As they are clearly neglecting their responsibilities, perhaps Bromley should take control of this in future.
  • 2nd Reply Bromley Council have offered assistance to Tfl to help manage this issue however this offer was not taken up


However we have uncovered a simple way Residents can  at last the opportunity  available to do something for themselves rather than just moan or complain to the next man, the more people that use the systems on offer the better our services might just become.


It would seem there are several more Portals to contact the Council on varying matter

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