Sticky Problem of Dog Poo : Are you a responsible dog owner 

Local residents are complaining of anti social behaviour by  dog owners who use the local streets to walk their dog but fail to clear up after them.  It seems to be especially bad in Queensway at the moment of course this  problem that has cropped up on many occasions over the years but residents  are so incensed that they are trying to organise a poster campaign to be put on lamposts

Responsible dog ownership

dog with ownerDogs are important members of the family, and help to keep everyone fit and healthy. Most dog owners are responsible people. They look after their dogs properly so that they remain under control and don’t cause any trouble.

We want to encourage all dog owners to follow their example, so that the borough’s open spaces are safe and pleasant for everyone.

Always keep your dog in sight, carry a lead with you and respect areas where dogs aren’t allowed or need to be kept on a lead.  When outside the home, a dog must always be on a lead in the street and restricted areas and wear a collar. The name and address of its owner must be on the collar or a plate or badge attached to it.

Dog fouling

Dog mess is unpleasant, spoils the environment and may carry infectious diseases that can seriously harm people.

It’s your responsibility to clean up after your dog. We’ve made it easy for you to clean up after your dog by providing dog-waste bins in our parks. Put dog mess in a tightly sealed bag and then into one of the dog-waste bins, or take it home and put it in your household waste. Please don’t put it in street litter bins. Remember to take bags or a scoop when walking your dog.

Fixed penalty notices for dog fouling and nuisance

If owners let their dogs cause trouble or make a mess without clearing it up, we can impose a fine. Our dedicated dog-handling team patrols parks and open spaces to help control dog fouling and dog nuisance. These areas are covered by Dog Control Orders, and there will usually be signs showing where these orders are in force. We can issue a fixed penalty notice for dog fouling and dog nuisance in accordance with the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

You could get a fixed penalty notice for:

  • failing to clean up after your dog in public places
  • allowing your dog to enter areas where dogs are excluded
  • letting your dog off the lead in areas where this is restricted
  • failing to put your dog on a lead when an authorised officer tells you to.

There are plenty of areas where you can exercise your dog off the lead, but you need to do this in designated areas, and always clean up after your dog. This means using areas of parks and open spaces where there are no restrictions or controls on dogs. The control orders apply to all children’s playgrounds and some enclosed sports and leisure facility sites such as tennis courts, paddling pools and bowling greens.

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